Youthworker 2.0

Series of 3 Training Courses for leaders of volunteer projects and trainers focused on working with groups of participants. This project has already finished – you can read the summarised final report in English or Czech.

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The project “Youthworker 2.0” aimed at supporting youth leaders, workcamp leaders and trainers to improve their work with youth, assuring and developing quality of their activities. Three Training Courses focused on raising competences of these target groups and support sharing of experience. Each Training course was designed for 24 participants from 6 European organisations (INEX-SDA – Czech Republic, ELIX – Greece, Egyesek – Hungary, Legambiente – Italy, XCHANGE – Scotland, Young Researchers of Serbia – Serbia).

This project was supported by Erasmus + programme.

Summarised final reports are at disposal in English or Czech

Overall objectives:

  • The youth workers will improve their ability to independently and reliably work with groups of participants/youth, while reflecting their special needs
    • First Training Course will be focused on working with complicated situations in a group
    • Second one will focus on the topic of inclusion of participants with special needs or fewer opportunities
    • Third Training will support participants in development of tools and methodologies in order to promote anti-discrimination approaches.
  • They reflect, what makes their activities of a high-quality and will understand what does the “quality” actually mean
  • They will be able to apply methods and tools to keep motivation and energy
  • They will have space to enhance their international cooperation, create new partnerships and project ideas

Overview of the Activities and Outputs:

We have created booklets from each training tht will hopefully be useful to any workcamp leaders, youth workers and trainers facing difficult situations when working with groups.

Activity 1: How to work with complicated situations at international voluntary projects? – hosted in Chotěboř, Czech Republic on 19 – 26/9 2016.
All the learning and discussions are summarised in the booklet from this training.

Activity 2: How to work with social inclusion at international voluntary projects? – hosted in Hollókö, Hungary between 20 – 27/2/2017. Have a look at the video from the training or read and get inspired by the Manual on Social Inclusion !

Activity 3: How to work with anti-discrimination at international voluntary projects?
hosted in Czech Republic between 4 -11/6/2017.
Have a look at the video from the training or read and get inspired by the Manual on Takling Discrimination at International Voluntary Projects !

Facebook page of the project is here.